Where’s that $15 Wally Joyner dog biscuit anyway?
Despite their CRL lowest ever 14 points, this is not a picture of the Redneck Mothers’ braintrust planning last year’s draft strategy. (Thought about that, but I’ve only got two dogs.)

I figured I’d help out Steve, Scott and Dan by letting my dogs pick their team this year. I can put the available player’s names on pieces of paper, put them on the floor, cover each name with a dog biscuit, and see which guys get uncovered first. Then, at least, Spencer and gang will know who to go after.


Hey, finishing last in every category will get you nine points. I’m not sure where those other five points came from, but even my dogs know that an $8.50 bid on Brian McRae should be responded to by hiking a back leg in the air and not saying "Nine dollars."

"We're Jim's dogs and we like treats.  Through blind luck we can get you
more than five points.  Besides, we might even find another Robin Ventura or
Glenallen Hill.  So please let us pick your team or we'll sniff your crotch."